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Dr Neshanth Easwaralingam
About Dr Neshanth Easwaralingam

Dr Nesh is an experienced breast oncology surgeon and general surgeon who works in the public and private hospital systems of Western Sydney. He consults at Richmond, Westmead and Castle Hill and operates at Hawkesbury St John of God Hospital, Westmead Private Hospital and Norwest Private and Lakeview Private Hospitals at Bella Vista.

Dr Nesh has extensive experience in oncoplastic breast surgery, benign breast lumps and malignant conditions.
This includes immediate breast reconstruction (implants at the same time as cancer surgery), nipple-sparing mastectomy and breast explants for implant illness (including ALCL or Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma).

He also performs a comprehensive range of general surgical procedures including colonoscopy, gastroscopy, appendicectomy, skin cancer surgery, gallbladder surgery and hernia surgery.

Dr Nesh is a No Gap surgeon for all pensioners with private health insurance and is committed to providing affordable and compassionate breast and surgical care for the residents of Western Sydney.

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